Electronic Resources

Children visiting the library have available to them a large variety of electronic resources:

  • Internet Workstations - Children can explore the web starting with sites selected by the library for homework help, popular interest, and games
  • CD-ROM Computers - Games, stories, activities, and learning tools are available.
  • Kid's Catalog - Children can find books by pointing and clicking on buttons with pictures and letters.
  • Online Resources - EBSCOhost Magazine Index, New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, and the library catalog.

Kid-Friendly Online Databases


EBSCOhost Explora Primary Schools

More than 25 databases covering education, business, biography, literature, history, health, science, and more. Masterfile Premier contains full text from nearly 1,700 periodicals covering all subject areas. Also provides access to the EBSCO ebook collection and H.W. Wilson databases.

Grolier Online

Scholastic GO! (Grolier Online)

Hundreds of thousands of authoritative articles from Encyclopedia Americana, The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Popular Science, and Lands and Peoples.

World Book Online

World Book Online

A suite of online information sources for Kindergarten-age children through adults featuring: World Book Online for Kids (Kindergarten through Grade 5), World Book Online Info Finder (Grades 5 through 7), World Book Online Reference Center (Grades 7 and up), and Enciclopedia Estudantil Hallazgos (Kindergarten through Grade 5).

Woodbridge Public Digital Library

Woodbridge Public Digital Library: Information & Articles

Check out all of our online databases on the Woodbridge Public Digital Library!