Clerk's Office

Hub of Operations

The Municipal Clerk's Office is considered the "hub" of municipal government operations; serving as liaison between governing officials and taxpayers and between the Executive and Legislative bodies.

The Municipal Clerk serves as:

  • Administrative Officer for Various Licenses and Permits
  • Chief Administration Official of All Elections
  • Chief Registrar of Voters
  • Coordinator and Records Manager for Local Archives and Records Retention Programs
  • Secretary to the Governing Body
  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation

Additional Services

Additionally, he serves as the Registrar of Vital Statistics issuing certified copies of:

  • Birth Records
  • Civil Unions
  • Death Records
  • Marriage Records

He also processes marriage, domestic partnership, and civil union applications.

The Municipal Clerk and his staff are the custodians of record, providing access to public documents in accordance with OPRA (Open Public Records Act). The office also receives all applications for bingo and raffle licenses, garage sales, peddlers, canvassers, transient merchants, and Christmas tree sales, etc.


Formal action will be taken at Council Meetings. Executive Session may take place at a Council Meeting. Members of the Municipal Council may be contacted through the Municipal Clerk's Office or the Township's website.

Duties According to Ordinance

The Municipal Council, as authorized by Chapter 2, (Article 2-3.1 et seq) of the Revised Ordinance of the Township of Woodbridge, shall constitute the authority to administer the issuance of licenses and to enforce state statutes and regulations and Local Ordinances relating to alcoholic beverage control. The Municipal Council, acting as the local Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, shall have the authority to afford a hearing if and when there is need for such action. The Municipal Clerk serves as secretary to this Board.

Budget Items