The Nursing Division provides high quality, comprehensive health care to all residents of Woodbridge Township. Practices preventive health care by providing health education, immunizations and school physicals. Our nursing staff strives to educate and empower Woodbridge residents, care givers and the community, while enabling them to make informed health care decisions.

Our mission is to protect, promote, maintain and improve the health and quality of life for Woodbridge Township residents through a responsive, well managed, and organized community effort.

Services & Programs

  • School Immunization Audit: Yearly audit of daycares, preschool, elementary, middle, and high school student immunization records to ensure compliance with New Jersey law immunization requirements.
  • HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS information and referral for testing. 

  • Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Services: Nurses investigate communicable disease cases in order to gather data used to control disease and ensure public safety. Surveillance of disease trends and public education about diseases and prevention. Reporting of communicable diseases to NJ State Department of Health.

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Information: Confidential information provided regarding locations within Middlesex County for rapid testing and counseling.

  • Health Education Programs: Nurses provide formal and informal education on various health topics at public and private venues. Informative bulletin boards circulate throughout the year within the health department. Nurses are available by phone to provide information to the public. In cases of school/daycare COVID-19 outbreaks, nurses assist with guidance according to CDC / NJ DOH.

Clinics & Screenings

  • Child Health Clinic: Wellness care for children from 5 years old to 21 (school age). Includes physical exams, vaccinations, and screenings. Services are only for uninsured or underinsured. Fee applied.
  • Flu Vaccination: Flu (influenza) vaccine offered during the fall and winter in preparation for flu season. Contact the Woodbridge Health Department Nursing Division for pricing.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic: vaccines available are currently Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen (J&J) for residents, appointment required by calling during office hours. Vaccine records are updated into NJIIS and docket app.  
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program: Blood lead assessment of lifestyle and environment for sources of lead exposure. Referrals to Registered Environmental Health Specialist for home evaluation if indicated. Nurse Case management for children with elevated blood lead levels.
  • Health-Check: Vaccine clinic for adults and school-aged children. 
  • Adult Vaccine Clinic: Immunizations available to those 19 years and older for residents with no insurance or with insurance that does not pay for a particular vaccine. Fee applied.
  • Blood Pressure Screening: Nurses provide blood pressure screenings to residents of various ages. Education about blood pressure is also provided. 
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Clinic: Hepatitis B vaccines administered to emergency responders, policemen and other people whose occupations place them at risk for contracting Hepatitis B disease.
  • Tuberculosis Control Services: Nurses provide surveillance and case management to prevent the spread of tuberculosis. TB skin test (PPD) available for resident only by appointment. Fee applied.

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 2 George Frederick plaza, Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095

Please call 732-855-0600 Ext. 5014 or 5012