Cooking Oil

Cooking oil DO’s and DON’Ts

* DON’T put grease or cooking oil down the sink, even if you

follow it with hot water or soap.

* DON’T flush cooking oil and grease down the toilet.

* DON’T put greasy foods down the garbage disposal.

* DO scrape leftover food into the trash before washing pots,

pans and dishes.

* DO use a fine-mesh strainer in your sink to prevent debris from

going down the drain.

* DO clean out leftover foods from your sink and dispose of in the


* DO recycle used cooking oil, fats and grease at the Recycling

Center in Keasbey!

How to recycle your used Cooking Oil:

1. Carefully pour cooled cooking oil into a large, sturdy

plastic or wax coated container.

2. Cap the container and store it in a cool, safe location

3. Don’t mix the contents with any other liquids or products

4. Once the container is full, bring it to the

Recycling Center in Keasbey.

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