Conservation Initiatives

Floodplain Restoration: 

Natural habitats are the definition of resilient infrastructure, as they are more readily able to rebound after powerful storm events. In addition to providing flood storage capacity, these areas aid filtration of nutrient run-off and carbon storage. And, there important ecological features strengthen biodiversity, and provide exciting recreational opportunities. Click here to learn more about floodplain management within the Township.

Conservation Easements 

Conservation Easements protect near-shore habitats, wetlands, upland forests, and native meadows; all of which are critical in protecting and enhancing biological diversity. These easements are essential in creating havens to best safeguard the existing benefits associated with healthy natural areas and ecological integrity. The Township is examining a manner by which to develop it’s Conservation Easement Monitoring program; if you should have questions with regard to the development of this exciting environmental initiative, please contact the Division of Engineering at: 732.602.6057

The Township’s inventory was created through Geospacial Information Systems Mapping (screenshot and map uploaded) and may be accessed by way of the following link:

Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report

Water Conservation- Sustinability Tips