Meeting Room Regulations

Applications are approved or rejected based on the availability of space and whether use of the room complies with the regulations set forth in this policy and the Woodbridge Public Library Rules of Conduct. A room may be used only for the applicant's stated purpose. Non-compliant applications will be refused. Administration will confirm by email or by telephone to the contact listed on the application.

  1. Meeting rooms are not intended for individual use. Groups are responsible for not exceeding the legal meeting room capacities.
  2. Meetings are scheduled only for hours the library is open to the public and must end 30 minutes prior to library closing times.
  3. Library meeting room bookings for organizations are limited in number due to high demand; no organization may monopolize library meeting rooms. To ensure equitable access to meeting rooms, an organization may be limited.
  4. Room reservations must be submitted online for approval at least one week prior to the meeting date. A Meeting Room Use Agreement for must be signed by an adult who is a member of the organization applying to use the room and supplied to the Administration Department. For assistance in reserving a meeting room online, applicants may contact the librarian in charge or the librarian's designee at any of the library agencies.
  5. A meeting room application for any age group through senior high school must be made by an adult sponsor. At least one adult must be in attendance at the meeting and responsible for the group's behavior and the protection of the building and its contents.
  6. The library will not approve a room reservation where intended use is inconsistent with the Woodbridge Public Library Rules of Conduct or inconsistent with meeting room policy and regulations.
  7. The library reserves the right to deny meeting rooms to organizations that frequently cancel meetings; do not notify the library about canceled meetings; consistently overstay their reserved time; misuse the meeting room; and that misrepresent their sponsors, content, purpose, and /or audience for the event.
  8. Preapproved catering is allowed.
    • The library does not provide coffeepots and other supplies
    • Groups serving refreshments assume all responsibility for clean-up of the meeting room
    • The library will inspect the meeting room and assess any damages to the room or property and notify the organization's contact person accordingly.
  9. No-show organizations may not book a meeting room for six months.
  10. If the library must cancel a meeting room reservation for unforeseen library demands or an emergency, it will make every effort to notify the organization holding the reservation as soon as possible. During adverse weather conditions, reservation holders should contact the library or visit its website for closing information.
  11. Organizations using library facilities are responsible for all damage to library property which results from their use of these rooms. The applicant assumes full financial responsibility for misuse and damage to the room. The library is the sole determiner of the cost of damages for a room.
  12. Applicants assume full responsibility for damage to library property, the property of others or for personal injury resulting from applicant's acts or omissions.
  13. The applicant shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Woodbridge Public Library (the "Library") and the Township of Woodbridge (the "Township"), its officers, officials, agents, and servants from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, resulting directly, or indirectly, from any loss, claim, damage or injury to any person or property, arising or alleged to have arisen from the Applicant, its agents, servants, employees or subcontractor's use of the library facility.
  14. Organizations utilizing the meeting rooms are considered a public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are responsible for providing any necessary aid or service in compliance with the ADA.
  15. All meetings are open to the public; nonmembers need not be permitted to speak, interrupt or disrupt group programs and presentations, but must be allowed to attend, observe, and learn. Exceptions to this open meeting regulation are:
    • A course of academic instruction approved by the board of education or the NJ Department of Education or the institutions under its jurisdiction.
    • Executive sessions of otherwise qualified organizations, when those executive sessions are carried out under the provisions of applicable state laws.
  16. No admission charge may be made by any group using library meeting rooms. Solicitation of money (e.g., admission charges, dues, donations or sales) and fund-raising of any other kind are not permissible during any program held in the library.
  17. Meeting rooms may not be used for the purpose of religious worship or instruction.
  18. Groups are responsible for their own set-up of chairs, tables, and other arrangements, and must return the room to the condition and room set-up in which it was found. Set-up and clean-up must occur within the reserved time for the meeting. Trash must be removed.
  19. Organizations must adhere to fire safety regulations, including keeping hallways free of meeting-related furniture and other items.
  20. Organizations must comply with copyright law in their use of media such as music and video and are responsible for enforcing Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) admission policies associated with rated films.
  21. The library is not responsible for supervising children whose parents are attending a meeting within the library. The library's policy on unattended children states in part that, "Parents are responsible for their children in the library. Children under the age of nine in the library must be accompanied at all times by a responsible caregiver age 13 or older."
  22. The library is not responsible for storing or caring for an organization's materials, nor is it responsible for what an organization leaves behind.