Keeping Our Township Green

Tree Replacement Ordinance

Many township residents might not be aware of the existence of the township's tree replacement ordinance. Woodbridge Township's Municipal Council adopted Ordinance 25-8.5 as a means to regulate all activity concerning public arboriculture. As a homeowner, the ordinance pertains to trees in the public right-of-way (the land that borders your home dedicated for public use).
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Granting of Tree Permits

On rare occasions the need might arise to remove a streetscape tree. It should be noted that a permit is required before any tree can be removed from the public right-of-way. A tree removal permit can be obtained through the Department of Public Works. Essentially, permits for the removal of trees may be granted under the following circumstances:
  • The tree constitutes a visual barrier of a street intersection
  • The tree is of a non-conforming species - such as maple or elm
  • The tree constitutes a hazard
  • The tree prohibits the efficient operation of a solar heating or wind generating system
  • The tree roots are blocking the sewer pipes
  • Insurance denial

Details & Fee

For a more detailed version of this ordinance, you may contact the Department of Public Works. Keep in mind any tree that is removed at the homeowner's request must be replaced by the homeowner and replaced on homeowner's property with an approved tree species within one year of removal. A fee of $150 will be assessed if you choose not to replace the tree. The money collected from the fee will be used to defray the cost of purchasing and planting the replacement tree on public property.