Emergency Telephone Calls

  • In the event of an emergency, Library employees may place a local call on a visitor's behalf from the circulation desk phone if the visitor does not have a personal communication device to make the call.
  • Examples of appropriate local emergency calls by the branch include those for:
    • A child without a cell phone who needs to contact a parent or guardian for a ride home or to notify the parent or guardian of the child's location.
    • A person stranded at the Library at closing time.
  • The Library employee will inform the visitor that the purpose of the circulation desk phone is to conduct Library business and therefore, the visitor's call must be brief, not lasting more than a minute or two.
  • The Library employee will dial the visitor-requested local telephone number, and hand the telephone receiver to the visitor once a ring tone is heard. In the case of an unattended child, the Library employee will describe the child's situation to the parent or guardian and if appropriate, hand the telephone receiver to the child to complete the conversation.
  • The Library's Unattended Children policy applies to minor children left unattended at the Library's closing time.