Interlibrary Loan

An interlibrary loan is library material, or a copy of it, made available by one library to another.

Loan Purpose

The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials not available in the Woodbridge Public Library (WPL), and to loan such items to other libraries requesting them. Actual items or copies of items may be borrowed or loaned.

Conditions of Service

Materials may be obtained or lent by different means as determined by the interlibrary loan librarian. The WPL participates in OCLC and the state JerseyCat interlibrary loan program. Requests may also be sent via fax, mail and, by special arrangement or a hand-carried American Library Association form.

Interlibrary Borrowing

The service is offered to all patrons holding a valid WPL card, regardless of type of card held. [Policy note: please remember that MURAL patrons are not WPL cardholders, and must conduct ILL requests from their home libraries.]

Materials That Can Be Borrowed

Books in various formats, as well as language, music, documentary and education materials not owned by the library may be borrowed. Photocopied articles from unowned periodicals may be obtained for a borrower. Materials owned, but missing from the library collection, may also be obtained.

Materials Not Borrowed

These materials include books that are on order, unless it is determined they cannot be acquired by the library, and entertainment DVDs.


Items are not requested from libraries that charge fees. Exceptions to this guideline are:

  • Photocopies for which a patron indicates he or she is willing to pay fees. WPL will try to obtain such articles. The patron is responsible for the articles' cost and must pay all fees by check made out to the lending library.
  • Photocopies more than 20 pages in length. Many lending libraries charge for photocopies over 20 pages in length; the patron is responsible for paying this cost.

Making a Request

Interlibrary loan requests can be made in person or by phoning any WPL agency's reference desk. Requests can also be made via the library's website form at

Request limitations:

  • Up to 20 interlibrary loans per calendar month can be requested per household
  • Only print materials, audio books, language tapes, CDs, music CDs, and documentary and educational DVD requests are accepted
  • Renewals and extensions may be denied when the items are overdue
  • A title may be requested only once per household in a three month period

Patron Notification

Patrons are notified when requested materials are in the library by telephone and / or a letter sent through the mail.

Borrower Responsibilities

The borrower is responsible for:

  • Returning materials on time. Overdue items are fined at the same rate as items belonging to the library.
  • Paying for lost or damaged items. WPL will request a bill from the lending library, and the patron must pay the bill via a check made out to the lending library. If the patron does not make payment to the lending library, WPL will assume responsibility for payment. The patron will be blocked and sent to collection when appropriate.

Loan Period

Items may generally be kept for a period of two weeks. Arrangements may be made by WPL to renew items if the patron needs the material for more than the normal loan period. The patron must speak to a librarian at the reference desk to make such arrangements.

Expedited Service

Materials will be obtained as quickly as possible. An attempt will be made to obtain photocopies electronically or via fax if the material is needed immediately. Not all lending libraries accommodate such requests.

Suspension of Borrower Privileges

Interlibrary loan service may be suspended for patrons who abuse the privilege.

Interlibrary Lending

WPL provides interlibrary loans to all libraries having the same conditions of service stated above.

Loan Period

All items are lent for four weeks. All audiovisual materials are lent, except for entertainment DVDs and playaways.

Loaned Materials

WPL uses books from its branches to fill interlibrary loan requests.


WPL does not charge for materials that are photocopied.

Borrowing Library's Responsibilities

The borrowing library:

  • Must submit requests in accordance with the conditions of service stated above.
  • Is responsible for materials lent. No fines will be charged for overdue materials, but the borrowing library will be billed for lost or damaged materials.

Expedited Service

Materials will be provided as quickly as conditions permit. If possible, rush photocopy requests received via telephone or fax will be filled and sent electronically to the requesting library. The borrowing library must electronically transmit a completed ALA ILL form to WPL before WPL will complete the loan transaction.