1. Resident Borrowers
  2. Non-resident Borrowers
  3. Non-Resident Internet Use

Term of Library Cards

Library cards for Woodbridge Township residents are issued for a two-year period.

Valid Identification for Adult Cards

Valid identification in the form of a document that has reached a library card applicant by mail must be provided to the library before a card is issued. Examples of valid identification include a current:

  • Driver's license
  • Voter registration card
  • Recent rent receipt showing rental address
  • Recent utility bill showing residence addresses
  • Automobile registration

Post office box addresses and passports are not acceptable forms of identification.

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Please note: If you need to renew your existing library account (even if you lost your card) or if you don't want to use our online form for a new account, please visit the Ask-a-Librarian page and send us an email. Thank you.

Valid Identification for Adult Cards - Postcard Verification of Borrower Address

If a resident has insufficient identification for obtaining a library card, a library employee should use the process for postcard verification of the person's address. The employee:

  1. Enters the library agency's name on the postcard
  2. Instructs the patron to address the postcard to him-/herself, using the Woodbridge address he/she has provided to the library
  3. Informs the patron that his/her registration will be validated when the patron returns to the original agency with the postcard
  4. Issues the patron a card, entering the ADV (address verification) patron-type code into the patron record. The ADV code restricts patron borrowing to two items, and the card expires in 28 days. Loaned items are at the discretion of the agency head, librarian in charge or the clerical supervisor.
  5. Changes the patron-type code from ADV to the appropriate designation when the patron returns the postcard, giving the patron normal borrowing privileges.

Valid Identification for Adult Cards Issued to Young Adults

A juvenile may be issued an adult card upon completion of the 7th grade or upon reaching his / her 14th birthday, whichever comes first. A student who applies for an adult card upon completion of 7th grade, but before school reopens in the fall, should be issued an adult card.

School identification, a report card, and class schedules are acceptable forms of identification.

Valid Identification for Adult Cards Issued to Patrons Not Yet in 8th Grade

The library issues an adult card to a child not yet in 8th grade if the child or child's parent requests an adult card, and the child's parent comes to the library and signs a permission form authorizing the adult card. [See form at end of policy.]

All juvenile card holders who wish to check out adult materials must be referred to a librarian for permission to do so.

Valid Identification for Juvenile Cards

No identification is required for obtaining a juvenile library card.


Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - July 16, 2015
  • Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019